AirTalk for June 24, 2002

Fire Season

The wildfires burning in Arizona and Colorado have consumed thousands of acres and destroyed more than one hundred homes. Larry Mantle talks with fire experts, Captain Brian Jordan from the L.A. County Fire Department and Jody Cook, Supervisor of the Angeles National Forest, and takes calls about the Los Angeles Fire season.

Turmoil in the Middle East

Recent suicide bombings have derailed the White House's intent to announce a plan for a Palestinian state. Ariel Sharon has announced Israel's plan to capture Palestinian territory in response to acts of terror. Yasser Arafat has called for a stop to the bombings. What is going on? UCLA Professor Steven Spiegel joins Larry to help sort out the crisis in the Middle East.

The Pacific Asia Museum

Larry Mantle discusses the museum's extensive collection with Curator Meher McArthur and Executive Director David Kamansky as well as the museum's latest exhibit "Asia's Woven Wonders: Treasures from the Museum's Textile Collection." The exhibit runs June 2-August 25th.
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