AirTalk for July 29, 2002

Orange County: The Golden Promise

Larry Mantle talks with author and historian Pamela Hallan-Gibson about her new illustrated book, Orange County (American Historical Press), which traces the evolution of the "most California county" from its founding by Franciscan friars at San Juan Capistrano to its bankruptcy and land use controversies of recent times.

Surfing Culture in Southern California

Larry Mantle explores the history of surfing in Southern California, the sport itself, environmental issues, beach access, territoriality among surfers, and the surging popularity and culture of surfing. Guests include: Matt McClain, Director of Communications for the Surfrider Foundation; Kip Jerger, founder of Kanoa Aquatics; and "Y" formerly known as Tom Morey, the founder of Morey Boogie Boards; Sam George, senior editor of Surfing Magazine; and Craig Stecyk, guest curator of the Laguna Museum exhibit, "Surf Culture."
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