AirTalk for July 30, 2002

Paid Family Leave

State Senator Sheila Kuehl's "Paid Family Leave" bill was approved recently by the State Senate and could be headed for an Assembly vote in as little as two weeks. The bill would require all California businesses, regardless of size, to provide up to12 weeks of paid leave for a family illness or birth using disability insurance. If passed, California would be the first state in the country to mandate that employers provide paid family leave. Larry Mantle talks with Marjorie Sims of the California Women’s Law Center and Martin Hopper, California Director of the National Federation of Independent Business.


We've been hearing conflicting messages in the media lately. People who sleep longer have better memory, yet people who sleep less live longer, etc. How much sleep do our brains and bodies need? Larry Mantle talks with experts, UCLA Professor of Psychiatry Dr. Jerome Siegel and Harvard Medical School Assistant Professor of Psychiatry Dr. Robert Stickgold, about the science of sleep. They also discuss the latest research on dreaming, sleep apnea, and insomnia.
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