AirTalk for August 14, 2002

Economics and the FCC

Larry Mantle speaks with the newly appointed chief economist for the FCC, Dr. Simon Wilkie. What does an economist do for the FCC? First on Dr. Wilkie's plate is developing a fair system for auctioning off coveted high-speed bandwidth that controls everything from electronic garage openers to cell phones and television. Larry explores this complicated mission and more with Dr. Wilkie.

A Documentary Explores Blaxploitation Films

Wednesday night at 10PM, the Independent Film Channel presents an IFC original documentary film called BaadAsssss Cinema. Larry Mantle talks with the film's director, Isaac Julien, and one of the film's featured actors, Gloria Hendry, about '70s blaxploitation films, their influence on Hollywood cinema, and their role in American culture.

Jews in the American West

When we think of the American West and the people who settled it, Jewish settlers, cowboys, trappers or pioneers don't automatically come to mind. But Jewish immigrants did play a variety of roles in the history and culture of the West. Larry talks with the curators of two LA museum exhibits that currently document these contributions, Michael Duchemin from the Autry Museum of Western Heritage and Tal Gozani from the Skirball Cultural Center and Museum.

The Natural History Museum of LA County

The Natural History Museum is up to remodel, restore, and reconceptualize its structure. Larry Mantle speaks with the master architect, Steven Holl, chosen to partner with the museum for the multi-phase project that will combine new construction with portions of its historically significant structures, and Ann Muscat, VP of Stategic Initiatives, the firm responsible for the development and promotion of the New Museum Project.
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