AirTalk for November 11, 2002

The Central Valley Today

A recent boom in population growth, urban sprawl, poverty and smog are just a few of the problems facing San Joaquin Valley residents today. Host Larry Mantle talks with Mark Araks, State Reporter for the Los Angeles Times, Fred Evans, Dean of the Craig School of Business and Professor of Marketing at California State University, Fresno, and Greg Aghazarian, currently President of the Stockton Unified School Board and soon to be a California Assemblyman representing the 26th District, about the current challenges facing the residents of Fresno, Stockton and other cities.

Senator John McCain

Host Larry Mantle talks with United States Senator from Arizona John McCain about his new book Worth the Fighting For: A Memoir, the new balance of power on Capital Hill, Saddam Hussein, the war on Al Qaeda, and the economy.
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