AirTalk for November 13, 2002

California’s Energy Crisis

Some of the nation’s largest energy companies were recently served with subpoenas in an investigation into whether they manipulated California energy prices in 2000 and 2001, but on Monday, California dropped its lawsuit against one of them, the Williams company, in exchange for concessions and payments in the billions of dollars. Host Larry Mantle discusses the most recent developments in the California energy crisis with energy expert and UC Berkeley professor Severin Borenstein.

Cell Phones And Traffic Accidents

Host Larry Mantle takes listener thoughts about driving while talking on hand-held cell phones, and pending legislation in California that could require “hands-free” cell phone use while driving.

Computer Security And Social Engineering

Host Larry Mantle talks with infamous former computer hacker turned corporate computer security consultant Kevin Mitnick about his new book The Art of Deception: Controlling the Human Element of Security. Mitnick’s book focuses on a common hacker technique known as “social engineering” in which a cybercriminal deceives an individual into providing key information rather than trying to use technology to reveal that secure information. Mitnick reveals the techniques used by these hackers and provides advice on how to keep computer systems secure.
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