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AirTalk for November 14, 2002

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Bishops’ Conference

Yesterday, U.S. Bishops officially revised their “zero tolerance” policy on sexual abuse. The new policy promises to protect the rights of the accused priests, as well as those of their accusers. Victims’ rights advocates expressed outrage, worrying that the new policy could create loopholes for molesters in the clergy. Host Larry Mantle talks with Kathleen McChesney, the newly elected Executive Director of Bishops’ Office of Child and Youth Protection, and Larry Stammer, a Los Angeles Times Staff Writer covering religion.

Chris Reed: Orange County News

Host Larry Mantle discusses the latest Orange County news with Opinion pages editor for the Register, Chris Reed.

The New Documentary, "Standing In The Shadows Of Motown"

Host Larry Mantle discusses the new documentary about the Funk Brothers, the musicians who created the Motown sound behind the most famous songs of the time. Joining Larry is the director and producer of the film, Paul Justman, and Funk Brothers guitarist, Eddie Willis.

The Syringa Tree

Host Larry Mantle explores the true story of writer and actress Pamela Gien. Ms. Gien grew up in South Africa during the apartheid era. Her grandfather, who sheltered blacks hiding from the police, was murdered at random. She relates this experience, and the climate in which she grew up, in her one-woman play, "The Syringa Tree." Ms. Gien plays all twenty-four characters in this emotional ride through her past. Larry Mantle is also joined by acting coach Larry Moss, and producer, Matt Salinger.

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