AirTalk for April 3, 2003

War Strategy Update

Larry Mantle talks with GI Wilson, a retired Infantry Colonel in the USMC, and military analyst for ABC, channel 7, and with Phillip Coyle, senior advisor at the Center for Defense Information about the latest news and strategies in the war with Iraq.

Chris Reed: Orange County News

Chris Reed, op-ed column editor for the Orange County Register joins Larry to discuss the latest Orange County news.

Domestic Partnership

The "Domestic Partner Rights and Responsibilities Act," was passed Wednesday by the California Assembly Judiciary Committee. Now it heads for a full Assembly vote. If it becomes law, domestic partners will be granted most of the rights and responsibilities granted to married couples. Larry talks with Jackie Goldberg, California State Assemblywoman representing the 45th district which includes parts of Los Angeles. She an author of AB 205, and Ray Haynes, State Assemblyman representing the 66th district, which includes parts of Riverside, Temecula, Murrieta and Lake Elisnore.

The Language Of War

Journalists are "embedded" with "troops," or are they "soldiers?" The "decapitation strike" that the US launched in the first days of the war missed Saddam's head. A MOPP is not a cleaning device, and in case you were wondering, "blue on blue" is not a modern art term. Joining host Larry Mantle to talk about the language of war and how it is being used is Robert Hutchinson, spokesman for Jane's Defense Weekly, and Matthew Felling, Media Director for The Center for Media and Public Affairs, a non-partisan research and educational organization which studies the news media.
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