AirTalk for July 1, 2003

California Budget Woes

It's a new fiscal year in Sacramento, and legislators have not passed a state budget. Joining host Larry Mantle to discuss the latest on the budget is Mike Montgomery, Capitol Bureau Chief, KXJZ News, Peter Hardash, Vice President for Administrative Services at Pasadena City College, Marty Morgenstern, Director of the Department of Personnel Services for the State of California, and Ramaa Bharadvaj, a classical Indian dancer and a regular dance panelist for the California Arts Council.
Caprice Young and Genethia Hudley-Hayes spent their last day as Los Angeles Unified School Board members yesterday. Larry Mantle talks with them about their accomplishments, their legacies, their advice for the two, new School Board members and their thoughts on how to improve LA's huge and extremely diverse public school system.

Las Vegas: Neon Metropolis

A city of entertainment, Las Vegas produces nothing tangible to speak of, but it generates billions of dollars each year. Its population has exploded, and it is the leading tourist destination in the world. Hal Rothman, professor of history at the University of Nevada, calls Las Vegas "the quintessentially American city," a frontier city of the 21st century. His book is called Neon Metropolis: How Las Vegas Started the Twenty-First Century (Routledge). Hal Rothman joins Larry Mantle to discuss life beneath the lights--labor unions, architecture, the growth of a Latino population and more.
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