AirTalk for September 19, 2005

North Korea Pledges To End Nuclear Program

After years of negotiations, North Korea announced a plan to stop building nuclear weapons and allow international inspections. In exchange, the country gets energy aid, economic cooperations and security assurances. President Bush says North Korea is taking ''a wonderful step forward'' by pledging to end its nuclear weapons program. But he says Pyongyang will need to make good on that promise, and the U-S will be watching to make sure that happens. Larry Mantle talks about the significance of this development with Jim Walsh of Harvard’s Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs.

Governor Schwarzenegger’s Bid For Re-Election

Larry talks with political analysts Lisa Garcia Bedolla, Assistant Professor of Political Science and Chicano/Latino Studies Program at UC Irvine, and Alfred Balitzer, Professor of Government and senior research fellow at Claremont Graduate University, about the Governor’s political future; his chances of winning a second term, his public image and approval ratings, and the special election slated for Nov. 8th.

How To Pay For The Damage Caused By Hurricane Katrina

The President has pledged $60 billion to start paying for the damage to the Gulf Coast. A lot more money will be needed, with many predicting at least a $200 billion pricetag by the time rebuilding is complete. Throw in $300 billion for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, tax cuts, and it’s becoming increasingly unclear where the money will come from. Larry talks to economic experts Kathleen Madigan, Business Outlook editor for BusinessWeek and Phillip L. Swagel, Resident Scholar at the American Enterprise Institute about differing theories on how to pay the costs of rebuilding.

Election In Afghanistan

Taliban insurgents continue violent efforts to disrupt Sunday's elections in Afghanistan. On Friday a candidate was shot dead and four other people were killed in bombings near polling stations. Larry gets the latest on the elections and violence in Afghanistan from Lt. Col. Raymond Millen, Director of European Security Studies at the Strategic Studies Institute at the U.S. Army War College.

Ray Bradbury

Larry Mantle speaks with Ray Bradbury, one of the most admired and beloved authors of our time, about his boyhood adventures, his writings for film, TV and theater and his contribution to American literature. His new book is Bradbury Speaks: Too Soon from the Cave, Too Far from the Stars.
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