AirTalk for Jul 09, 2009

Governor targets home health fraud

Governor Schwarzenegger has pledged to limit the "waste, fraud, and abuse" in California's In-Home Supportive Services program, which provides care to senior citizens and the disabled. He says that the state could save $400-500 million per year through stricter regulations, including mandatory fingerprinting of home health recipients and providers and IHSS enforcement through unannounced home visits. State Democrats and program advocates argue that the governor is cutting essential services to close the budget gap. Larry Mantle discusses the details of the proposal.

Joe Biden as vice president

Vice president Joe Biden has taken an influential role in the Obama administration. He oversaw distribution of the economic stimulus, and he helped to formulate the administration's approach to Afghanistan. But Biden also has a well-known tendency for "rhetorical flourishes", sometimes running counter to the administration's message, and requiring clarification by the White House. This past week, President Obama was forced to explain Biden's comments about the economic crisis and a preemptive Israeli attack on Iran. How do you view Joe Biden's performance as vice president? Does his experience outweigh his potential liability? Larry Mantle and a guest talk with listeners.

Chew on this: ethics for food bloggers

Sites like Chowhound and Eater LA have changed the world of food reporting forever. Now, anyone with a fork and a keyboard can weigh in, potentially impacting a restaurant’s business. Last week, Eater LA posted an anonymous tip slamming the safety standards and quality of food served at the Must, a wine bar downtown. They did this, without contacting the restaurant first. The restaurant’s owners refuted the post, and the site issued an online apology – two days later. Was this a case of bad ethics or bad journalism? Should food bloggers be held to the same code of ethics as traditional journalists? Larry talks with blogosphere foodies and takes listener calls.
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