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Chew on this: ethics for food bloggers

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Sites like Chowhound and Eater LA have changed the world of food reporting forever. Now, anyone with a fork and a keyboard can weigh in, potentially impacting a restaurant’s business. Last week, Eater LA posted an anonymous tip slamming the safety standards and quality of food served at the Must, a wine bar downtown. They did this, without contacting the restaurant first. The restaurant’s owners refuted the post, and the site issued an online apology – two days later. Was this a case of bad ethics or bad journalism? Should food bloggers be held to the same code of ethics as traditional journalists? Larry talks with blogosphere foodies and takes listener calls.

Pat Saperstein, Senior Editor at Variety, and founder of the award-winning food blog Eating LA

Kelly McBride, Ethics Faculty Member at the Poynter Institute