AirTalk for August 19, 2009

MLK Hospital resuscitated?

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors voted yesterday to move ahead on a plan to reopen inpatient services at Martin Luther King Jr. Hospital in Willowbrook. What's involved in re-opening these services? Larry gets the details.

Good news and bad news at Green Dot Schools

A year after Green Dot Public Schools took up operation of Locke High as a charter school, students scored no better on state tests than they had under the Los Angeles Unified School District. However, truancy and crime are down at the school. Larry Mantle takes a look at the progress being made at Locke High School.

Should California rent its golden assets?

Local businessman William Mundell has come up with a novel idea for revitalizing California’s economy. Based on an economic model that was used to help solve the budget crisis in Australia, “The Mundell Plan” suggests raising revenue for cash-strapped California by renting out the state's assets to private investors. From prisons to parking structures there are 33,000 properties that could be used to rake in approximately $100 billion. Larry talks about the plan’s specifics with Bill Mundell and opens the phones to listeners.

Can old age be cured?

Until recently, almost all researchers believed that the aging process was too complex to find drugs that could slow it. Then geneticists began to uncover single genes that could dramatically extend the lifespan of laboratory organisms such as yeast, worms, flies and mice. The genes underlie the effects of calorie restriction diets, which may delay aging. If eating less can extend a healthy life span, can drugs be taken to fool the body into thinking it’s on such a diet? Larry talks with anti-aging experts about the latest research in the quest for longer, healthier lives.

Does God tweet?

Everybody else is on why not the Lord? Services are now available that will pray for you via Twitter. And if you’re too busy to pray, there are web sites that will do it for you (for a small fee). Religion has become an integral part of old media... where does it stand with new media? Are these tools a blessing or a curse for people of faith? Can digital technology help us commune with God?
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