AirTalk for September 17, 2009

Orange County DNA

Orange County now is offering to drop charges for people who have only been arrested if they provide a DNA sample. The plan applies to nonviolent misdemeanors such as petty theft, trespassing, and low-level drug possession. Supporters hope the plan will serve as a crime deterrent as well as an investigative tool, while critics charge that it would pressure people to give up their rights by providing a DNA sample without having been convicted. Larry Mantle finds out more about the policy.

Handbook for public schools

What would it take to really improve student success? According to author William Ouchi, it’s primarily about decreasing Total Student Load. If teachers had fewer students each term, this would foster more bonding and higher achievement. In his new book, “The Secret of TSL,” Ouchi explains how to transform public education.

Governor presses Brown to investigate ACORN

Governor Schwarzenegger is pressing Attorney General Jerry Brown to investigate the community organization ACORN. The call comes amidst increased scrutiny of the group, as an undercover video revealed a San Bernardino ACORN worker offering advice on how to set up a prostitution business. Are these practices widespread throughout the organization? Larry Mantle examines ACORN.

Try being nice

Do nice guys finish…first? When is comes to succeeding in business, author Kristin Tillquist argues that the answer is yes. Tillquist joins Larry to talk about her new book, “Capitalizing on Kindness: Why 21st Century Professionals Need to be Nice.” Has your boss gotten the memo yet?
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