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Recession slams welfare rolls

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Protesters demonstrate against cuts to social services that aid people with disabilities and the poor at the home of California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger July 17, 2009 in the Los Angeles-area community of Brentwood, California. State budget cuts have forced Los Angeles County to restructure its welfare program. David McNew/Getty Images

Los Angeles County welfare officials presented a plan yesterday for restructuring the general relief program, which has grown to include 84,000 adults and is expected to cost more than $200 million this year. In the past two years, the County added 25,000 new recipients to its general relief rolls, according to the Philip Browning, the director of the Department of Public Social Services. Will the County be able to save money while protecting L.A.'s neediest?


Philip Browning, director of the Department of Public Social Services

Zev Yaroslavsky, Los Angeles County Supervisor

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