AirTalk for October 13, 2009

Cheerleading: a dangerous contact sport?

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University of Arkansas cheerleaders perform high flying stunts during the SEC Men's Basketball Tournament game between the Louisiana State University Tigers and the University of Arkansas Razorbacks at the Louisiana Superdome on March 13, 2003.

Modern cheerleading is more than just pom-poms and megaphones. From grade school to college, many cheerleading squads use daredevil stunts in their routines, and the practice is raising safety concerns. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, there were 30,000 cheerleading injuries in 2008 that resulted in trips to the emergency room. In fact, it may be more dangerous than football. What should be done to make cheerleading safer?


Kimberly Archie, Founder of the National Cheer Safety Foundation

Jim Lord, Executive Director, American Association of Cheerleading Coaches and Administrators

American Association of Cheerleading Coaches and Administrators Annual Sports Injury Study

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