AirTalk for October 26, 2009

Mercer 5787

Petition privacy in the wake of Prop 8

When you sign a petition for an initiative or recall, should you expect that information to be kept private? Or, given state laws that require a certain number of signatures to advance policy, is your name, like legislators' votes, a matter of public information? Larry Mantle asks listeners, should petitions be public or private?
Mercer 5669

Water update

Today, State Assembly members are meeting to discuss plans to solve California's water crisis. Larry Mantle checks in with KPCC reporter Julie Small to learn more about the draft of the water bill.
Mercer 5783

NPR ombudsman

In 2000, NPR was the first U.S. broadcast news organization to create an ombudsman position. As ombudsman since 2007, Alicia Shepard serves as the public's representative to NPR, working as an independent voice to address listener concerns related to NPR's programming. She says that her job is to explain NPR to listeners, and to explain listeners to NPR. Alicia Shepard joins Larry to discuss NPR's practices and respond to audience questions about the network.
Mercer 5785

Steve Poizner: candidate for governor

Candidates are lining up left and right to compete for the top job in California, governor of (what would be) the world's 8th largest economy. On the Republican side, Insurance Commissioner and businessman Steve Poizner has announced what he calls a '10-10-10' plan to fix the state's problems. So far he is running against former E-Bay CEO Meg Whitman and former U.S. Rep Tom Campbell. Larry Mantle asks Poizner what he can do for California.
Mercer 5782

Cesar Chavez and The Union of Their Dreams

In the book "The Union of Their Dreams," Miriam Pawel describes the rise of the United Farm Workers under its charismatic leader, Cesar Chávez. Pawel details how the farm workers made the first successful attempt to unionize in the United States and trained a new generation of activists. She also traces the eventual fall of the union, as Chávez struggled to maintain control of the organization. Miriam Pawel joins Larry Mantle to discuss the legacy of the United Farm Workers movement.
Mercer 5786

"The President's Own" Band Plays L.A.

The U.S. Marine Band is America’s oldest, continuously playing musical organization. Founded in 1798, they’ve performed for every President since John Adams. Larry talks with band Director, Col. Michael Colburn, about Presidential Jams and tonight’s concert at Royce Hall.
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