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AirTalk for November 3, 2009

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LA's next top cop

Mayor Villaraigosa hasn't officially announced it yet, but word is, Deputy Chief Charlie Beck is his pick for new LAPD chief. A 32-year veteran of the LAPD, Beck oversaw reforms of the department's Rampart division in the wake of its corruption scandal. If confirmed by the City Council, Beck will take the place of outgoing Chief William Bratton, who is credited with dramatic declines in LA's crime rate during his seven years in the position. How well will Beck fill Bratton’s shoes?
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Pavement wars: cyclists vs motorists

On Monday, a physician was convicted of assault and other criminal charges for slamming on his car's brakes and injuring two cyclists on a Brentwood road last year. The trial of Dr. Christopher Thompson lasted three weeks and drew close attention from bike riders who viewed the case as a test of the judicial system's willingness to protect cyclists. How can we create a safer environment for both cyclists and motorists?
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Senator Bill Frist: physician turned politician

Bill Frist, surgeon turned politician, talks with Larry about his new political memoir "A Heart to Serve," accusations that he pandered to conservatives in the right-to-die case of Terri Schiavo, and the ongoing health-care debate.
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New chief: live coverage of Mayor's announcement & reaction

It's official, Deputy Chief Charlie Beck is the Mayor's pick for new LAPD chief. What do we know about Beck? How well will he fill Bratton's shoes? Following our live coverage of the Mayor's press conference, our copwatchers, analysts and experts react.

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