AirTalk for November 10, 2009

Test & treat: a new strategy for fighting AIDS

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Oprah Winfrey takes the first HIV test 06 Janaury 2007 at her new $40 million South African school for disadvantaged girls in Johannesburg.

Condoms? Check. Free anonymous testing? Check. Antiretrovirals? Check. Next up, test and treat. For years we've fought HIV by promoting safe sex and protecting the privacy of those already infected. And thanks to anti-retroviral drugs, many HIV-positive people can live long, full lives without developing AIDS. There are now a host of treatments for HIV which reduce the communicability of the virus in already-infected people. "Test and Treat" is a new approach under which communities with high rates of infection are targeted for near universal testing--and universal treatment of those infected, in a novel approach for containing the disease.


Dr. Wafaa El-Sadr, professor of medicine and epidemiology and director of the international center for AIDS program at Columbia University

Dr. Jennifer N. Sales, MD, Medical Director for the LA County Office of AIDS Programs and Policy

Dr. Judith Currier, MD, professor of medicine at the Division of Infectious Diseases at the UCLA H.I.V. care clinic

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