AirTalk for November 11, 2009

Pavement wars: cyclists vs motorists -- part 2

Mercer 5865

Salim Virji/Flickr cc: by-sa

Bike warning sign in Portland, Oregon

Last week we talked about the assault, battery and mayhem convictions of Dr. Christopher Thompson, who attacked a group of cyclists on Mandeville Canyon Road by swerving his car in front of them and jamming on the brakes, seriously injuring two of them. Response to the segment was overwhelming. However, many KPCC listeners raised questions about the laws that govern cyclists. Are cyclists required to yield for passing cars? Are bikes permitted on sidewalks? What are the rights and responsibilities of California cyclists? And what is being done to improve conditions for bikes?


Ted Rogers, freelance advertising copy writer who maintains the cycling blog, BikinginLA

Michelle Mowery, senior bicycle coordinator at LADOT. Read the City's bike plan here.

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