AirTalk for November 11, 2009

Gone fishing -- but not off the coast of SoCal

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Spectators riding in chase boats watch their respective teams compete during the Catalina Crossing on September 03, 2008 just outside Avalon Harbor in Catalina Island, California

A state panel has approved fishing restrictions for Southern California, where catches of some species have declined by as much as 95%. After a contentious meeting where conservationists and fishing interests expressed their concerns, the panel called for closing the waters off Laguna Beach and Point Dume, while allowing for fishing off the Palos Verdes Peninsula and most of Catalina Island. Before the California Fish and Game Commission takes up the issue next month, Larry Mantle looks at the environmental and economic impact of the decision.


Molly Peterson, KPCC Environment reporter

Sarah Sikich, Coastal Resources Director, Heal the Bay

Wendy Tochihara, General Manager, Izorline International, a manufacturer of fishing line

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