AirTalk for November 18, 2009

Mercer 5995

California's gaping budget gap

Sacramento is facing a projected $21-billion deficit, according to a report released today by the chief budget analyst. California lawmakers, who barely managed to patch together a budget a few months ago, seem to be at a loss in terms of solutions. But stakeholders are already preparing for battle. Is it possible to cut any closer to the financial bone?
Mercer 5993

Andre Agassi opens up

He used to destroy the competition with explosive power followed by a quick flick of his flowing mane. Now Andre Agassi is surprising fans and former opponents alike with his candid autobiography "Open," in which he admits that he hates tennis, the hair was fake, and, yes, he used crystal meth. Tennis star Andre Agassi joins Larry in studio to talk about the charmed life he never wanted.
Mercer 5996

DA to LA: sell medical pot, get busted

District Attorney Steve Cooley says he will prosecute dispensaries that sell medical marijuana even if Los Angeles passes an ordinance allowing for some cash transactions. Cooley’s announcement came one day after two LA City Council committees rejected the City Attorney’s proposed plan, which called for an outright ban of medical pot sales. What impact will Cooley’s warning have on Council deliberations? How many pot shops will Cooley go after? And when?
Mercer 6000

Virtual composer

Who—or what—is Emily Howell? The composer has a new CD coming out, but "her" work has stirred up confusion. That's because Emily Howell is a computer program, quite literally the brain child of UC Santa Cruz professor emeritus, David Cope. Himself a musician and composer, Cope is also a computer programmer. Larry talks with Cope about the genesis and genius of Emily Howell.
Mercer 6002

Ruth Seymour retiring from KCRW

Ruth Seymour, the general manager at public radio station KCRW in Santa Monica, has announced that she will retire in February after 32 years at the NPR affiliate. KCRW is known for its mix of public affairs shows and cutting edge music. Under her tenure, Seymour increased KCRW's global influence through its website and online presence.
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