AirTalk for December 24, 2009

Mercer 6259

Senate passes historic healthcare measure

Today, Senate Democrats passed their landmark healthcare reform bill, 60 to 39. Next: the House and Senate bills will have to be reconciled in the New Year. There are thorny differences between the two versions, including abortion language, the public option and tax increases. How hard will it be to merge the bills? And when all the deals are done, how reformative will the final package be?
Mercer 6260

Holiday dining out

Yesterday we dished about cooking and recipes, but what if you’re not in the mood to slave away in the kitchen? Fear not. Los Angeles has plenty of culinary neighborhoods to explore, brunch places to impress visiting relatives and street food to satisfy even the hungriest of souls. And we have three LA food experts here to guide you to the tastiest spots in town, whether it’s Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve or beyond.
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