AirTalk for December 31, 2009

Mercer 6313

Time Warner/Fox standoff: is cable TV unraveling?

Come midnight, Time Warner customers could lose “American Idol,” “the Simpsons,” and tomorrow's Sugar Bowl if the cable company fails to resolve a stalemate over content licensing contracts with Fox and its parent company, News Corp. Is it fair for Fox to ask cable customers to pay for channels they used to watch for free? Is cable television's business model sustainable when more and more content is available on the Internet? As we enter a new decade – what is the future of television?
Mercer 6315

Pants bomber and the political sniping

The near-success of a Christmas bombing plot on a flight from Amsterdam to Detroit is clear evidence of Obama's failure to keep security tight, right? That's what some Republicans are saying. Really? What about the shoe bomber, who squeezed through security during the Bush Administration? Is there anything to all this? Or is it just politics as usual?
Mercer 5527

Orange County journalists' roundtable

From Octomom to Mike Duvall, guest host David Lazarus riffs with Teri Sforza, Orange County Register staff writer and OC journalist William Lobdell about the year’s most memorable news events and developments in Orange County.
Mercer 6312

New Year's resolutions: how to quit a vice

This year for sure – you’re going to quit smoking, quit drinking, lose that last 10 pounds, pull yourself out of debt, right? Why, despite our best intentions, do our New Year’s resolutions rarely last past April Fools’ Day? Facing addiction isn’t easy - physical, emotional and environmental triggers can cause us to hold our vices close. What can we do differently this year to effect change we can believe in?
Mercer 6314

The Onion's top stories from the past 4.5 billion years

Evolution’s going great, reports trilobite. Woman domesticated. Industrial revolution provides millions of out-of-work children with jobs. Burn your history textbooks, boys and girls, America's finest and funniest news source sums up the most significant headlines from the Big Bang forward. The Onion's Joe Garden fills you in on all the stories you were too busy clubbing mastodons to read.
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