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Haiti: Medical relief efforts

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A nurse works in the Diquini hospital in Port-au-Prince on January 26, 2010. AFP/Getty Images

Estimates are some 200,000 people died in Haiti’s January 12 earthquake. Patients with head, chest or abdominal injuries or whose limbs had been badly crushed needed immediate surgery, but with the collapse of hospitals, nothing was available. And now, the lingering effects of disease and malnutrition plague the millions of people left homeless by the quake. How do relief workers even begin to approach such a catastrophe, in this poverty stricken nation with so little functioning infrastructure?


Corey Flintoff, correspondent, foreign desk, National Public Radio. He returned from Haiti on Sunday.

Alex Cottin, Regional Director of Merlin USA, an international medical aid agency that works in 39 countries. Returned from Haiti on Saturday-- he arrived there within 48 hours of the earthquake.

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