AirTalk for February 11, 2010

Protesters clash with police in Iran

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AFP/Getty Images

Tens of thousands of Iranians hold up a huge Iranian flag as they march in Azadi Square in southwestern Tehran to mark the 31st anniversary of the Islamic revolution on February 11, 2010.

Massive crowds turned out to commemorate the 31st anniversary of the Islamic revolution in Iran, and to hear President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad deliver a speech about the country’s greatness and plans to expand its nuclear program. Meanwhile, opposition leaders say security forces squashed anti-government demonstrators in Tehran and elsewhere. How much political traction does Ahmedinejad have in Iran? And what will his nuclear enrichment plans mean for global security?


Borzou Daragahi, Middle East Correspondent, Los Angeles Times, reporting from Tehran

Jim Walsh, International security expert at Security Studies Program, MIT

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