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Inter-district transfer policy: come back home students!

A Los Angeles Unified School District bus.
A Los Angeles Unified School District bus.
sulen1031/Flickr CC

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The Los Angeles Unified School District receives money from the State for each student attending class in the district but last year over 12,000 students opted to go to schools outside the district resulting in a loss of some $51 million to LAUSD. To recuperate these funds District Superintendent Ray Cortines is asking students to “come home” to LAUSD and is requesting district staff to revise the inter-district transfer policy to limit the number students who can attend schools in other districts. The new policy still allows inter-district permits to kids whose parents work outside the district and to high school seniors but all other requests for transfer will be reviewed on a case by case basis. Parents opposed to the new policy say the district is failing to live up to its promise to provide a wide variety of educational options for students in the district.


Rene Gonzalez, Assistant Superintendent for Health and Human Services