AirTalk for March 26, 2010

Mercer 6953

Obama's loan modification program

To bolster its effort to reduce foreclosures, today the Obama administration announced new changes to its Home Affordable Modification Program. The proposed measures include allowing unemployed homeowners a three-month break in payments and giving lenders incentives to reduce the principal on delinquent loans. Will the new plan help to keep home foreclosures down?
Mercer 6954

Type 1 diabetes on the rise

Despite the discovery of insulin 90 years ago and an estimated $116 billion spent annually on treatment, diabetes remains one of the leading causes of death in the United States. In his new book, Diabetes Rising, medical journalist Dan Hurley investigates why approved medications and high-tech treatments are failing to slow this modern pandemic. Why is diabetes skyrocketing in this country? What is being researched towards preventing and curing this disease? And which approaches have so far been overlooked?
Mercer 6956

White House budget boss

As the Director of the Office of Management and Budget, Peter Orszag oversees the Obama Administration’s budget policy, implements major policy initiatives for the Feds and reviews regulatory action. To wit, Orszag is one powerful dude. Guest host David Lazarus talks with Orszag about healthcare reform, federal spending, and celebrity-nerd balancing acts…errr…budgets.
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Guest host David Lazarus and KPCC film critics Andy Klein of Brand X, Wade Major of, and Charles Solomon, animation critic and historian for discuss the week’s new film releases, including How to Train Your Dragon, How Tub Time Machine, Chloe, and Waking Sleeping Beauty, Vincere, Eclipse, and The Harimaya Bridge. TGI-FilmWeek!
Mercer 6955

How to Train Your Dragon

In this new 3-D animated action-adventure film, hitting theaters today, Hiccup is a Viking teenager who comes from a long line of dragon-slayers. But when the time comes to prove himself as a warrior, he decides instead to make friends with a dragon. Larry talks with directors Chris Sanders and Dean DeBlois about dragons and DreamWorks.
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