AirTalk for March 29, 2010

LA DWP rate hikes

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The Department of Water and Power (DWP) San Fernando Valley Generating Station is seen December 11, 2008 in Sun Valley, California.

After some political tussling, Mayor Villaraigosa will announce rate hikes for LA’s Department of Water and Power customers today, in a compromise deal crafted by the City Council’s Richard Alarcón. A portion of the additional revenues will be set aside for solar energy initiatives. Are you willing to pay more for sustainable energy? Will the extra money make Southern California’s energy supply cleaner and greener? Or is the City of LA simply raiding DWP to close their budget shortfall?


Rick Orlov, City Hall reporter, The Daily News

Jan Perry, Los Angeles City Council, 9th District

Rhonda Mills, Southern California Program Director, Center For Energy Efficiency and Renewable Technologies

Carol Schatz, President and CEO of the Central City Association

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