AirTalk for April 1, 2010

Mercer 6997

Metrolink workers plan to boycott personality tests

Engineer and conductor unions for Southern California's Metrolink commuter rail service are vowing to boycott a new requirement for personality profile testing. The system's management says the evaluations will help prevent incidents like the 2008 Chatsworth train crash, caused by an engineer who was texting at the time. Amtrak takes over Metrolink's operation in July, and already requires such screenings when it hires new workers. Is it suitable to require conductors and engineers to take the tests? And are the evaluations effective in screening them?
Mercer 6995

Covering Pakistan- NPR-style

When suicide explosions strike Lahore; Pakistan indicts Americans on terrorism charges; or—oops—Taliban arrests derail secret U.N. talks, one woman keeps U.S. audiences informed with in-depth reporting. Julie McCarthy has covered news around the world for NPR, and last year opened the network’s first permanent bureau in Islamabad, Pakistan. She talks with Larry Mantle while stateside from Washington, D.C.
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Orange County Journalists Roundtable

Larry Mantle talks about the latest news and developments in Orange County. Top stories include: financial problems at the Crystal Cathedral; a controversial Easter play depicting Jesus as a 1950's gay man; a kidnapping plot involving a Tijuana cop targeting an Orange County family; and the OC district attorney's lawsuit against Toyota.

Can you hear me now? Why your cell phone sucks

Few things in modern life irritate us as much as our cell phones. Calls drop, but contracts stick around forever. Monthly fees get ever higher, even as reception seems to get poorer. Tomorrow , the New America Foundation and Slate Magazine are hosting a panel discussion to figure out how to address our less-than-steller cell situation. But first, we talk with Wired Magazine’s Nicholas Thompson, about the sorry state of American mobile technology and what can be done about it.
Mercer 6999

99 things to eat in LA before you die

From a maple bacon donut at Nickel Diner to the sizzling catfish at Chinois, food critic Jonathan Gold joins Larry to talk about the 99 best things to eat in Los Angeles. Would you second or strike any of Jonathan's selections? Share your picks here.
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