AirTalk for April 2, 2010

RiffTrax skewers the movies

Mercer 7013

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Mike Nelson of RiffTrax

The TV show Mystery Science Theater 3000 had an odd but entertaining premise- viewers watched as host Mike Nelson and his robot pals cracked jokes over terrible B-movies. Over 11 seasons, the program gained a cult following and won a Peabody award. Now with an internet venture called RiffTrax, Nelson and fellow hosts have turned their humor towards big budget Hollywood films. For RiffTrax, users download a comedic commentary track that is played in sync with a movie's DVD. Whether it's The Lord of the Rings, Dirty Dancing, or even Casablanca, Nelson aims to make movies good and bad a bit funnier.


Mike Nelson, creator of RiffTrax. He is the former host and writer of the Emmy-nominated and Peabody award-winning show Mystery Science Theater 3000

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