AirTalk for April 2, 2010

Mercer 7009

Using personal traits to screen airline passengers

The Obama administration today is expected to announce new procedures for screening U.S.-bound airline passengers based on personal traits rather than nationality. Under the revised system, travelers from all countries would be subject to special screening if their personal characteristics matched intelligence about potential terrorism suspects, including physical description, partial name, and travel pattern. The new measures replace the mandatory screening of travelers from 14 countries considered "state sponsors of terrorism." Is this a better way to screen for possible attackers, and are there any issues with civil liberties?
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Should the U.S. Forest Service fight fires at night from the air? Burbank Congressman Adam Schiff thinks so. He has asked a House panel to consider revising the policy that bans night flights, put in place after a fatal helicopter collision in the 1970s, a request LA County Supervisor Mike Antonovich has lauded. Schiff contends that improvements in technology may make night flights safer, and that firefighters will have more flexibility containing California blazes, like last year’s massive Station Fire. Will nighttime helicopter deployment improve firefighting? Are the flights safe? And is this a wise allocation of public funds?
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Larry's 25th anniversary as host of AirTalk

After 25 years of hosting AirTalk, Larry was finally put on the hot seat himself. John Rabe interviewed Larry Wednesday night about his beginnings as a would-be pastor, his love of live radio, and S-E-X. Now it’s your turn, to learn more about the man behind the mic.
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Larry Mantle and KPCC film critics Claudia Puig of USA Today, Henry Sheehan of, and Charles Solomon, animation critic and historian for discuss the week’s new film releases including Clash of The Titans, The Last Song, The Greatest, The Secret of Kells, Don McKay, The Exploding Girl and The Warlords.
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RiffTrax skewers the movies

The TV show Mystery Science Theater 3000 had an odd but entertaining premise- viewers watched as host Mike Nelson and his robot pals cracked jokes over terrible B-movies. Over 11 seasons, the program gained a cult following and won a Peabody award. Now with an internet venture called RiffTrax, Nelson and fellow hosts have turned their humor towards big budget Hollywood films. For RiffTrax, users download a comedic commentary track that is played in sync with a movie's DVD. Whether it's The Lord of the Rings, Dirty Dancing, or even Casablanca, Nelson aims to make movies good and bad a bit funnier.
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Bermuda International Film Festival

Peter Rainer joins Larry Mantle to discuss standout films from the 2010 Bermuda International Film Festival, which wrapped last week.
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