AirTalk for April 5, 2010

Jazz guitarist and composer Pat Metheny

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Musician Pat Metheny performs on January 30, 2010 in Coutances, during a concert as part of his 'The Orchestrion Tour'

For his new album, world-renowned guitarist/composer and 17-time Grammy winner Pat Metheny moves from brilliant improvisations to a new technology for acoustically driven “solo ensemble” music he dubs Orchestrionics. On the record, Metheny plays on a slew of custom-made instruments controlled by solenoid switches and pneumatics. On April 19, Brazilian guitarist Lubambo joins Metheny for a special collaboration at Walt Disney Concert Hall. Guest host David Lazarus talks to Metheny about his music and his latest project.


Pat Metheny, guitarist and composer. His new album is titled Orchestrion.

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