AirTalk for April 5, 2010

Mercer 7020

Earthquake rocks Baja California

Aftershocks continue to jolt the Baja California region after a magnitude 7.2 earthquake struck south of the U.S. border near Mexicali on Sunday afternoon. The temblor has killed two people, damaged buildings, and cut off power to thousands. David Lazarus gets an update on the damage and response to the quake.
Mercer 7022
Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens will retire during Obama’s presidency—but has given no date for his departure. Leader of the Court’s liberal wing, Stevens is also among the longest-serving Justices in Court history. Who might Obama consider to replace Stevens? Will a heated confirmation battle ensue? And what might an ideological shift mean for abortion rights, gay rights, and the balance of security and civil liberties?
Mercer 7023

Apple iPad -- uber cool or hype 2.0?

Apple came up with the iPod, the iPhone…these little devices really changed the way people think about the technology in their pockets. Now Apple CEO Steve Jobs is at it again. The iPad is billed as a substitute for a second computer. It’s easy to use, great for browsing the web…well, maybe. Apple fans seem to love it. But techno geeks don’t see the point of, as they see it, an oversized iPhone. Where do you stand? Guest host David Lazarus gets techno geek on the iPad.
Mercer 7024

Jazz guitarist and composer Pat Metheny

For his new album, world-renowned guitarist/composer and 17-time Grammy winner Pat Metheny moves from brilliant improvisations to a new technology for acoustically driven “solo ensemble” music he dubs Orchestrionics. On the record, Metheny plays on a slew of custom-made instruments controlled by solenoid switches and pneumatics. On April 19, Brazilian guitarist Lubambo joins Metheny for a special collaboration at Walt Disney Concert Hall. Guest host David Lazarus talks to Metheny about his music and his latest project.
Mercer 5976
The state estimates the new federal health care law will cost California more than $2 billion. That’s because it will have to pick up half of the tab for people who are newly enrolled in Medi-Cal. Will the predicted federal savings from the health care overhaul come at the state's expense? What will be the federal government's role in insuring Californians?
Mercer 7025

Are schools failing boys?

A number of indicators suggest that—compared to girls—boys are struggling in school. Richard Whitmire—author of “Why Boys Fail”—says that’s because schools increasingly emphasize verbal skills. Is that the whole picture or do gender expectations limit both boys and girls?
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