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The epic struggle for water

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Water: The Epic Struggle for Wealth, Power, and Civilization Harper

Access to fresh water has replaced oil as the primary cause of global conflicts in many of the world's overpopulated and drought-ridden regions. As modern society runs short of this indispensable resource, explosive new fault lines divide humanity into water Haves and Have-nots. Water famines threaten to ignite new wars in the bone-dry Middle East and menace sustainable growth in China and India. In his new book Water, journalist Steven Solomon describes the stark reality of man’s most critical resource in shaping human destinies, from ancient times to our current age of water scarcity.

Steven Solomon will appear at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books as part of the panel Water: The Past, Present, and Future of our Most Precious Resource, Saturday, April 24 at 10:30 am in Young Hall at UCLA.


Steven Solomon, author of Water: The Epic Struggle for Wealth, Power, and Civilization (HarperCollins)

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