AirTalk for April 22, 2010

Portraits of Hope beautifies LA beaches

Mercer 7158

Portraits of Hope

Portraits of Hope is launching a project to beautify Los Angeles beaches.

Visually transforming more than a 100 lifeguard towers along 30 miles of LA’s coastline, Portraits of Hope is a major civic engagement involving thousands of youth and adults from schools, hospitals and social service programs. The tower artwork will be created on temporary, professionally installed, flex thin-board panels that will be applied onto the outer surface of each tower structure. The installations will remain through the end of September 2010. Portraits of Hope co-founder Ed Massey joins Larry Mantle to talk about the project which debuts Saturday, May 1st.

You can volunteer with Portraits of Hope this weekend. Click here for more info.


Ed Massey, co-founder of Portraits of Hope

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