AirTalk for May 3, 2010

Mercer 7266

Containing the Gulf oil spill

Oil continues to pour into the Gulf of Mexico from the April 20 explosion of a BP-leased rig, threatening further impact to the region's environment and economy. BP has taken responsibility for cleanup costs and will attempt to install shutoff valves as well as siphon the oil to a barge on the surface. Why have previous containment efforts failed, and what techniques can be used to stem the flow of oil?
Mercer 7265

The GOP CA gubernatorial debate

In the right corner, it’s Meg Whitman, dot-com billionaire and former CEO of E-Bay. And in…the other right corner, it’s insurance commissioner, businessman and Republican politician Steve Poizner. Last night the two California gubernatorial candidates faced off at the Tech Museum of Innovation in San Jose. Today, Larry talks with John Myers, Sacramento bureau chief for KQED's California Report, who moderated the debate, and political analyst Dan Schnur, about who scored the most points and what to expect next as the two vie to go against presumed Democratic gubernatorial challenger Jerry Brown.
Mercer 7271

Longing for the good old days? Fuggedaboutit

You might think a professional skeptic like Michael Shermer would have many skeptical things to say about modern life as we know it. And he does. But when it comes to environmentalists painting a gloomy portrait of our future, as compared to our past, Shermer argues that now is actually the best time to be alive. Despite the American Lung Association’s report last week that LA is the smoggiest city in America, we’re all breathing much better than we used to. Not only that, but there are more goodies to go around, crime is down, and work weeks are shorter. So what’s with all the pining for the old days? Would you prefer to time travel back – or keep moving forward?
Mercer 7267

Tortoises are losing the survive

You know the fable: the incredibly slow, but steady tortoise, always wins. But in reality, our hard-shelled reptile friends are rapidly losing the extinction race. From the four-inch creatures found in backyards, to the great tortoises of the oceanic islands of the Pacific and Indian Oceans – turtles are vulnerable to the same intransigent threats. The risks are many, but biologist Craig Stanford says there are solutions. What can be done to save this threatened species? And why are tortoises and turtles so important?
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