AirTalk for May 4, 2010

LA begins crack down on illegal pot shops

Mercer 7279

caveman_92223/Flickr (cc by-nd)

A medical marijuana collective in West Hollywood.

Los Angeles is starting to take action against hundreds of medical marijuana outlets across the city that don't conform to recently approved regulations. The City Attorney’s office plans to send cease-and-desist letters as early as today, ordering illegal dispensaries to shut down by June 7. That’s when the ordinance regulating LA’s pot shops, signed last week by Mayor Villaraigosa, takes effect. Twenty-one collectives have sued the city to block enforcement of the new law, but city officials are moving forward. What happens on June 8, if operators refuse to comply? And how will the City test and regulate the quality of cannabis dispensed by legitimate collectives?


Jane Usher, Special Assistant to Los Angeles City Attorney Carmen Trutanich

Joe Elford, Chief Counsel, Americans for Safe Access Now

David Lampach, co-founder, Steep Hill Lab in Oakland, CA, an independently owned and operated Medical Cannabis screening facility

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