AirTalk for May 6, 2010

Should there be rent increases in these hard economic times?

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Gabriel Bouys/Getty Images

A sign for an apartment to rent is seen in Los Angeles on May 27, 2009.

Good news for Los Angeles renters, at least for now—a City Council committee wants to prevent landlords from raising prices on rent-controlled units for the next four months. The moratorium on rent hikes would affect the 630,000 rent-controlled units in LA. If the temporary freeze is not approved, landlords will otherwise be permitted to raise rents by 3%. Renters and landlords of Los Angeles, are increases fair in this tough economic climate? Share your thoughts with Larry Mantle ahead of the full council vote later this week.


Larry Gross, Executive Director of The Coalition for Economic Survival

Ryan Minniear, Executive Director of the California Apartment Association of Los Angeles

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