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Birth control "pill" for men: wanna help test it?

A silhouette of a couple holding hands
A silhouette of a couple holding hands
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The female contraceptive pill marked its 50th anniversary this month. No doubt, women have enjoyed greater control over their reproductive choices since then, but some feel they’re carrying more than their fair share of the birth control burden. On the male side, options have been limited to condoms – which are less reliable – and vasectomies – which send some men running for the hills. Now, a "pill" for men is getting closer to reality. Tests are starting on a topical hormonal gel that aims to cut the production of sperm to the point at which conception isn’t possible. Just don’t line up yet, guys. If it works, it will be a while before the FDA approves it. But if it does work, would men use it? And would the ladies trust that the (baby) coast is clear?


Dr. Ronald Swerdloff, a researcher at the Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute and co-director of Harbor-UCLA Medical Center's Male Contraceptive Clinical Trials Center

Men (between the ages of 18 and 50) interested in participating in the LA BioMed study may call: (310) 222-8191 for more information.