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Arizona governor signs ban on ethnic studies; LA City Council weighs boycott of Arizona

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Mexican-American muralist Antonio Pazos stands by one of his giant murals 02 October in Tucson, Arizona. KAREN LOWE/AFP/Getty Images

Arizona’s Jan Brewer is the spotlight again. Weeks after signing a controversial immigration bill into law, the Governor has added her name to HB 2281, limiting ethnic studies programs in public schools. The law seeks to ban Tucson’s Mexican-American studies program as well as Native American and African-American studies in the district. Will the ban unfairly target Latino curriculum—and students? Or, will the law promote equality among Arizona students of all backgrounds?

Meanwhile, the LA City Council is weighing a boycott on Arizona over its new immigration policy. Which industries would be affected? What economic impact would a boycott have in Arizona—and for California?


Tom Horne, Arizona State Superintendent of Public Instruction

Judy Burns, President of the Tucson Unified School District’s Governing Board

Joe Hicks, social critic and vice president of Community Advocates, Inc

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