AirTalk for May 12, 2010

Mercer 7346
Arizona’s Jan Brewer is the spotlight again. Weeks after signing a controversial immigration bill into law, the Governor has added her name to HB 2281, limiting ethnic studies programs in public schools. The law seeks to ban Tucson’s Mexican-American studies program as well as Native American and African-American studies in the district. Will the ban unfairly target Latino curriculum—and students? Or, will the law promote equality among Arizona students of all backgrounds? Meanwhile, the LA City Council is weighing a boycott on Arizona over its new immigration policy. Which industries would be affected? What economic impact would a boycott have in Arizona—and for California?
Mercer 7348

Debating an LAUSD parcel tax

Should Los Angeles residents pay more to keep the district’s schools above water financially? On June 8, voters in LA’s Unified School District will be asked to approve a parcel tax to help cover a $640 million budget shortfall. Measure E would create a temporary annual tax of $100 per parcel over a four-year period that would raise $92 million annually. That’s a sizable sum, but will it be enough to head off additional teacher layoffs, a shortened school year (already passed) and further cuts in programs to reduce class size in the district? Larry’s guests debate Measure E, the LAUSD parcel tax.
Mercer 7349
Following Gordon Brown's resignation yesterday, Britain's new prime minister is Conservative David Cameron. But he has to govern without a majority of Parliament, and will work with his newly appointed deputy prime minister Nicholas Clegg of the Liberal Democrats in a coalition government- the first in Britain since the 1940's. What is the likely success and stability of this power sharing deal between the center-right and center-left parties? Larry reconvenes "PubTalk" to find out.
Mercer 7350

Birth control "pill" for men: wanna help test it?

The female contraceptive pill marked its 50th anniversary this month. No doubt, women have enjoyed greater control over their reproductive choices since then, but some feel they’re carrying more than their fair share of the birth control burden. On the male side, options have been limited to condoms – which are less reliable – and vasectomies – which send some men running for the hills. Now, a "pill" for men is getting closer to reality. Tests are starting on a topical hormonal gel that aims to cut the production of sperm to the point at which conception isn’t possible. Just don’t line up yet, guys. If it works, it will be a while before the FDA approves it. But if it does work, would men use it? And would the ladies trust that the (baby) coast is clear?
Mercer 7347

The gay life of the Old West

Gay cowboys may be forever defined in pop culture by Brokeback Mountain, but the characters played by Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger in Ang Lee’s 2005 film aren’t as anomalous as they seem. For their current exhibit, The Autry National Center has mined its permanent collection, to profile gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered people in the Old West. What surprising histories were hidden in the Autry’s closets? Who was out – out West?
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