AirTalk for May 21, 2010

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Senate passes sweeping financial reform

After ending debate early Thursday, the Senate passed the most far-reaching financial regulatory bill since the Great Depression on a 59-39 vote. Passage was a top legislative priority for President Obama, who called the bill a major step for consumer protection. The sweeping measure is designed to close the regulatory gaps and end the speculative trading practices that contributed to the 2008 financial crisis. The package must now be reconciled with the bill adopted by the House in December. How will these reforms impact the way banks do business? Do the reform measures go too far or not far enough? And what will the result be for every day citizens?
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Prop 16 debate: regulating electricity service

On June 8, California voters will decide how their electricity service is controlled with Proposition 16. If passed, it would require two-thirds voter approval before local governments use public funds to start a municipal utility or expand the service areas of existing utilities. The vote requirement also would apply to starting "community choice aggregation" programs, which allow local governments to buy electricity on the wholesale market and set rates for residents. Supporters of Prop. 16 say that it will give voters a say in how local districts spend their tax money. Opponents argue that it is an effort to monopolize the industry from Pacific Gas & Electric, which has paid nearly $35 million in support of the measure. Larry Mantle hears arguments from both sides of the debate.
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Larry Mantle and KPCC film critics Jean Oppenheimer, Andy Klein of Brand X and Charles Solomon animation critic and historian for, discuss the week’s new film releases including Shrek Forever After, MacGruber, Solitary Man, Holy Rollers, Kites, Looking For Eric, The Best Worst Movie, The Oath, and The Father Of My Children among others.
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Wrapping up the Cannes Film Festival

Before the curtain falls on the 2010 Cannes Film Festival, Larry and guests chat about this season’s cinematic highlights. What are the hottest, must-see films? Who will take home the big prizes this weekend?
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