AirTalk for May 24, 2010

Politics leaking from BP rig: Gulf oil spill fallout

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One of the New harbor Islands is protected by two oil booms against the oil slick that has passed inside of the protective barrier formed by the Chandeleur Islands, as cleanup operations continue for the BP Deepwater Horizon platform disaster off Louisiana, on May 10, 2010.

As the massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico continues to make its way into the Louisiana wetlands, no one--including BP--seems to know the extent of the problem. While scientists search for answers, the Obama administration is contending with its own messy fallout from the spill. Mr. Obama is being attacked by the left and the right for his response. The New York Times Bob Herbert called it embarrassingly tepid. While senatorial candidate Paul Rand famously dubbed Mr. Obama's response un-American. Are these attacks fair? What should the administration do to handle the spill?


Phil Verleger, David Mitchell EnCana professor at the Haskyen School of Business and the University of Calgary, in Alberta, Canada

Ed O'Keefe, author of the Federal Eye blog at and Federal Government Reporter, Washington Post

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