AirTalk for May 25, 2010

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California Senate Democrats have proposed $4.9 billion in additional taxes to close the state’s $19.1 billion budget shortfall. A little more than $2 billion in added revenue would come from delaying the implementation of corporate tax breaks, while $1.43 billion would come from changes to personal income taxes. Are tax increases necessary to preserve California’s safety net? Or, should legislators focus exclusively on budget cuts?
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On June 8, Democratic voters will choose from a spate of candidates vying for their party’s nomination for Attorney General. Alberto Torrico, a state Assemblyman from Fremont, hopes focusing on education and its connection to public safety is his key to higher office. Is that enough to earn him California's top law enforcement post?
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Chris Kelly – candidate for Attorney General

Next up on the Dem candidates for AG hot seat: Chris Kelly. The former Facebook privacy chief hopes his technology and law experience will translate to “innovative ways to fight crime, protect consumers, and keep Californians safe.” Kelly’s been under attack for his role in devising privacy policies that have Facebook users up in arms. Kelly has tried to distance himself from the controversy, but will voters trust the political outsider’s experience?
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Tensions mount between North and South Korea

The North Korean state news agency reports Pyongyang will cut all ties with Seoul in the wake of an international investigation that found the North responsible for sinking a South Korean battleship in March. KCNA says the North will expel South Korean workers from a jointly run factory, cease communication with the South, and ban the South’s vessels from its waters and airspace. Are these idle threats? How will the diplomatic impasse affect the economies of the two nations—and global politics?
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Yesterday the White House, Democratic leaders and gay groups reached a compromise on a measure that would repeal the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell after the Pentagon finishes a study of the military’s policy. Representative Patrick Murphy (D) of Pennsylvania says he has the votes to pass a bill to repeal the measure in the House and that vote counters in the Senate have assured him it will pass there too. When will the Pentagon complete its report? Is this the breakthrough gay advocates have been working for? Should the policy be repealed at all? If so—how soon?
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The life of Artie Shaw

Just in time for the 100th anniversary of his birth, AirTalk remembers legendary jazz clarinetist and band leader Artie Shaw. Despite big hits including Begin the Beguine, Frenesi and Stardust, and numerous film appearances—not to mention his liaisons with some of Hollywood’s most famous actresses—Shaw had a contentious relationship with fame, which prompted him to quit playing music more than once. Larry Mantle talks with biographer Tom Nolan about Shaw’s groundbreaking musical life.
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