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iPhone 4 cometh

by AirTalk®

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One of the first customers in line at the flagship Apple Store on Fifth Avenue displays his new iPhone 4 Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Apple fanatics arrived in droves at Apple stores everywhere on Thursday to get their hands on the coveted iPhone 4. Some even camped out for hours just to own the gadget. Thanks to tech-critic buzz surrounding the phone, it was a hit before it hit shelves. New features include the drool-worthy FaceTime app that allows you to “video chat” with the phone’s high-res camera and iMovie lets you edit video clips that can immediately be uploaded to YouTube. Plus, it’s now the thinnest – and sleekest – smart phone in the world. How does it perform at making calls? Can iPhone 4 possibly live up to all the hype? And, has Steve Jobs created the next cultural phenomenon?


David Sarno, Los Angeles Times technology reporter

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