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Senate unemployment extension bill fails - what now?

by AirTalk®

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Job seekers wait in line to enter the California Job Journal HIREvent February 10, 2009 in San Francisco, California. With the nation's unemployment rate at 7.6 percent, hundreds of job seekers flocked to the California Job Journal HIREvent job fair where approximately 1,700 jobs from a variety of different companies were available. Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Senate Republicans and a lone Democratic Senator have blocked a bill that would have extended long-term jobless aid for the nation’s unemployed. According to the National Employment Law Project, 1.2 million Americans will lose their benefits by the end of the month if Congress does not act. The $112 billion measure also would have increased Medicaid reimbursements to states and provided extra cash to California and others. What happens now for the 12.4% of unemployed Californians? Are you unemployed? How do you manage? Are you going to hit the limit on your unemployment check?

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