AirTalk for July 6, 2010

Mercer 8459
The U.S. Justice Department is expected to file a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of Arizona's law cracking down on illegal immigration, and will seek a preliminary injunction to keep it from taking effect on July 29. Arizona's law requires state and local police, while enforcing other laws, to question a person's immigration status if there is reason to suspect that they are in the country illegally. The Justice Department's lawsuit argues that Arizona's measure infringes on the authority of federal laws through the Constitution's supremacy clause. The filing may also argue that the Arizona law violates citizens' civil rights. How strong is the Justice Department's case against the law, and will it be successful?
Mercer 8460

Overtime for farm workers?

California farm workers do back-breaking jobs—often in sweltering weather—should they be entitled to overtime pay? The California legislature thinks so. It recently overturned a law that exempted them from overtime laws. But it's anyone's guess if the governor will sign the bill. Fearing increased labor costs could put some farmers out of business. The California Farm Bureau is urging Schwarzenegger to veto it. What's your vote?
Mercer 8466

Mr. Netanyahu goes to Washington

President Obama met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the White House this morning, seeking to ease tension between the United States and Israel. Diplomatic relations strained after Vice President Biden’s trip to Israel was upstaged by the announcement of new settlements in Gaza in March, and were further complicated by the Israeli military’s raid on a flotilla carrying people and aid to Gaza in May. Beyond a photo op, what did the two leaders accomplish? Has Israel insinuated a new tone toward Palestinians?
Mercer 8463

Can you fully disconnect while on vacation?

Summer’s here and maybe you’re able to get away for a week or a long weekend. While sitting poolside, do you find yourself tapping away on your laptop, surreptitiously checking emails? Or, can you stay completely away from work while you’re on vacation? If so, how do you do it?
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