AirTalk for July 8, 2010

Mercer 8492
The world only has to wait another few hours to find out the answer to the most hyped question in sports… what team’s jersey will two time NBA MVP LeBron James be wearing when the new season starts? James will make his announcement in the first 15 minutes of a live, hour long program on ESPN which begins at 6pm PT tonight. Will he sign with one of the frontrunners Miami, Chicago, New York or New Jersey… or will he remain loyal to his hometown Cleveland Cavaliers? James’ Sports Reality TV decision is perhaps the most hyped non-game event in the history of modern sports. Where do you think LeBron James will go? How do you think this will affect The Lakers’ shot at a repeat threepeat?
Mercer 8487

New shows garner Emmy nominations

The Primetime Emmy Awards has a new set of contenders this year, with the musical comedy series Glee earning 19 nominations. Other new shows to get recognition include Modern Family and Nurse Jackie, while popular programs like The Big Bang Theory were shut out of a nomination. Which nominees did and didn't deserve a nod? Will the newcomers beat out perennial winners like Mad Men and 30 Rock?
Mercer 8495
Most parents are familiar with the scenario: You’re trying to get little Emily to eat well, but she saw an ad for a new toy in a Happy Meal and she really wants it. But you know – and nutritionists will tell you – that so-called “happy” meals are loaded with unhappy levels of fat and salt. Now, the Center for Science in the Public Interest has sent a letter to McDonald’s threatening to sue the company unless is stops using toys to sell food. What do you think? Is marketing to young children inherently deceptive? If kids are so malleable—and their parents so powerless to cut off the message—should corporations be banned from advertising directly to children ever? Or is that going too far?
Mercer 8489

Xavier Becerra is in the House

Democratic California Congressman Xavier Becerra is a self-proclaimed strident supporter of immigration and health care reform and he is committed to working with President Obama in carrying out economic recovery and job growth. He is also a senior member of the Committee on Ways and Means which develops tax, Social Security, and Medicare laws for the U.S. And, he serves on the House Committee on Budget, which executes the federal budget process. Most recently, Becerra has asked Republicans in the Senate to join Obama and Democrats in enacting “a bipartisan solution to our broken immigration system.” Becerra joins Larry to talk about the immigration lawsuits against Arizona, unemployment, the war in Afghanistan, the deficit and more. What role will the Congressman play in shaping these policies?
Mercer 8493

2010 World Cup Final Preview

History will be made at the World Cup final on Sunday in Johannesburg as The Netherlands and Spain each seek to win the first championship for their countries. Meanwhile, Germany and Uruguay will move on from their semifinal losses to face off Saturday in the third place game. How was the 2010 World Cup? Were you bitten by soccer fever, or perhaps angered by the controversial calls? Larry Mantle previews the upcoming matches and looks back on memorable moments from the tournament.
Mercer 8490

Peter Buffett’s life is what he made it

You might think that being the son of wealth and privilege is in itself a ticket to fulfillment. But as Peter Buffett, son of billionaire Warren Buffett, writes in his new book, success has more to do with building personal character. And character is defined by the decisions you make and the actions you take – not by your last name. Buffett, an Emmy Award-winning producer and composer for film and television, co-chairs the NoVo Foundation, which focuses on the empowerment of women in developing nations. In his book he shares important lessons learned from his parents, who were determined to instill honorable values in their children.
Mercer 8496
Stephen Eich, Pasadena Playhouse's executive director, issued a statement today saying the company had created a plan to save the theater from Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. Since it shut down its main stage in January, the Playhouse has been searching for ways to pay down its $2.3 million debt, mostly owed to subscribers, bankers and vendors. The company received a $1 million matching pledge from anonymous donors as part of its effort to raise funds. Eich also said the plan will allow the theater to move slowly in the future to ensure financial responsibility and stability.
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