AirTalk for July 20, 2010

Congressman Brian Bilbray on immigration, taxes and debt

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Republican Congressman Brian Bilbray

As chair of the Immigration Reform Caucus, Congressman Bilbray is one of the go-to Republicans on the issue of illegal immigration. He supports Arizona’s controversial immigration law SB 1070 and thinks the Department of Justice’s law suit seeking to block the law is “frivolous.” Bilbray supports stronger border enforcement, as well as internal enforcement on illegal employers. In April, Bilbray was named one of the top ten people in Washington (along with President Obama) on renewable energy and biofuels. And, in response to the Gulf oil crisis, he’s advocating for a lesser dependence on fossil fuels, claiming that algae is “the fuel of the future.” Last week we spoke with Democratic Congressman Xavier Becerra about some of the nation’s most pressing local and national issues. Today, Republican Congressman Brian Bilbray gives us a view from the right.


Brian Bilbray, Republican Congressman representing California’s 50th District (Encinitas, Escondido), Chair of the Immigration Reform Caucus

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